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Thread: Post Freakyforms (Deluxe) QR codes here!!!!

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    Default Post Freakyforms (Deluxe) QR codes here!!!!

    I love this game. It's like getting to make your own game WITHIN a game. Anyways, I would like to see your formees and their QR codes here! I will try to post mine later. Hope to see some awesome ideas!
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    Got this game for Christmas as it looked like something fun to pass time, been playing it and enjoying it a lot more that I thought I would and it's more involving than I thought it'd be. It reminds me of Magic Pengel and Graffiti Kingdom for the ps2, but it's just as fun and definitely not same, it brings it's own uniqueness to the "create your own creatures" genre.

    Currently I just obtained the Ocean area. I'm not rapidly creating formees just to advance the game, and at time I feel it's going slower because of that, but the formees I do have I like.

    How do you share the codes though? I see other people posting a picture of their formee and a code with it, but I don;t understand how they do that.

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