There is a strong rumor that Krystal is one of the newcomers the next SSB game - Super Smash Bros. Universe. I loved the idea. I just was wondering which Krystal they'll include. Krystal lived on a planet with dinosaurs and she weared a thong and was commonly using a magic stick as weapon. Her aboriginal appearance suggests that she wasn't very used with technology, but after she joined Fox's team, her appearance was changed drastically. She stopped to use the stick, and started to use a gun instead. Below is three Krystals main variations, which of theen would you like to see in SSBU?




The first Krystal is the the original native of dinossaur planet. The next two differ mostly in the color of the suit, but you can see that her hair and her tail aren't the same either. As she isn't showing a weapon in the third picture, we could assume that is a small pistol (like the ones Fox and Falcon use), so it is probably tucked in the belt or in the pocket.