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    Demons. Violent and malevolent by nature, these creatures have caused havoc throughout the world for centuries. They come in many different shapes and sizes, and are naturally stronger than normal humans, and capable of performing difficult feats with ease. Although invisible to the average human being, demons sometimes cross-over from their own world, into the human world, where although still invisible to the normal human, like to create pranks and usually carry out nasty deeds. When in the human world, demons are able to cloak and disguise themselves as humans, which allow them to be seen by normal humans, without the trouble of looking like a demon. However, when in our world, they become vulnerable to their only natural enemy: The DemonSlayer.

    People with an especially heightened sixth sense, are able to see Demons, and able to exterminate them, hence the title DemonSlayer. Everyone is born with a sixth sense, is just that some people are born with ‘more’ of it, allowing them to see a dimension in the world that normal human beings can’t. Some people choose to ignore this sense and continue on with their daily life, while some choose to embrace it, and extinguish the demons.

    DemonSlayers are capable of touching and interacting with demons, making them the only things actually capable of wiping them out. Essentially, anything a DemonSlayer touches can be used as a weapon, assuming that it is capable of doing damage. For example, a banana, although in possession of a DemonSlayer, would probably not be suitable for killing a Demon.

    In addition to a physical weapon, DemonSlayers also have the power to conjure spells, and devastating attack combos, using ‘Mana’, something which only people with a heightened sixth sense have. Mana is essentially a type of life force, that DemonSlayers can use a draw power from to perform certain actions. Although if the entire reserve of Mana is used up, it may take a while for it to recharge. Some ways of increasing the reserve of Mana of a DemonSlayer, is through either continual battle experience, or surviving the brink of death, such as a near-death experience, or almost dying. This triggers the DemonSlayers body to naturally increase the capacity of Mana they can hold and draw power from.

    Where You come in:

    You are a DemonSlayer, although you don’t know it yet. You have lived your entire life knowing and seeing some strange things, but you can’t pinpoint it yet. You’re just an average person, going about your daily things until one day, something fateful happened.


    Alright, guys I hope you find this RP interesting, so I’m going to lay down the rules seeing as this is a non-Pokmon RP, which means the rules will be slightly different than a Pokemon RP rules.



    1)All Serebii Rules apply(Of course!)
    2)I was debating whether to give this RP an “R” rating or “PG-14”, but I think it’ll come down to a “PG-14”. With that being said, there probably will be sexual themes, violence, blood, and some swearing. However, the thing I’d like to keep a cap on is the swearing. The usual is fine, just don’t use the “F-“ word.
    3)Please post Frequently
    4)If you are going to be away, let me know
    5)Please don’t godmod. There will be some spars between characters, but if your character is always killing demons with ease then we are going to have to revise a few things.
    6)Please don’t fight a demon or demons too often without my permission. They are not as common as I made them out to be in the intro, not too mention many of them aren’t dumb enough to plainly wander around.
    7)You can learn new attacks and spells throughout the course of the RP. I know it's not really a rule, more like a note/reminder.
    8)That’s pretty much it. Also, if you have any good ideas for a mini-plot don’t be afraid to suggest it to me. And have fun!


    Name: (Your name)

    Age: (Please, 18+. No 14-year old DemonSlayers please.)

    Gender: (Male/Female)

    Personality: (Personality. Give a nice, detailed personality for your DemonSlayer.)

    History: (Give a brief history.)

    Appearance: (Give us an explanation on how your Demon Slayer looks like.)

    Weapon: (What kind of weapon(s) does your DS use? Make sure it’s nothing kooky , seeing as your character may need to hide it in public. Also note, if you choose a gun, there will be no bullets for your gun. Instead, for Demon Hunting, the gun will be modified so the bullets used will be made out of the user’s Mana, which will take physical form in the shape of a ball the size of a bullet.)

    Starting Spell: (You get your choice of one starting spell that requires Mana to use. Can really be anything, such as a Healing spell, Fireball, etc. Make sure it’s nothing overpowered, as it just a beginning spell.)

    Other: Anything else we should know?

    My SU:

    Alex Caverly

    Age: 19

    Gender: Male

    Personality: Alex is type of person that would rather dive into problems with other people rather than tackle it like a lone-wolf. He doesn’t really see himself as a leader, although he does have leader-like qualities, such as courage, he just doesn’t know it yet. It doesn’t take him long to make new friends, although he does find it hard to find those type of friends that stick with him for a while. For this reason, he has a lot of alone time to do his homework, play video game and going out, etc.

    Alex can get cocky at times, but he usually doesn’t show this side of him unless he feels comfortable around the person enough to show his competitive side without seeming like a jerk.

    When he was younger, Alex used to a sort of bully, with a couple of other people. At school, they would pick on other kids, and often enough the victims would cry. Although he never really grew out of his ‘bully state’, he still has a ‘fighting’ instinct that lingers around in him. Although he’s not violent, if confronted, he would most likely put up a fight. He has often looked back on his past, and sometimes regrets his role as a bully in High school, and if anything, wishes it to go away.

    History: Alex attends University as of now, and studies Sciences. He hasn’t really experienced anything out of the ordinary, or anything that would make him suspicious regarding Demons. In fact, as far as he knows, he has no sixth sense.

    He lives with his parents, and goes about his day like a regular person, doing homework, going out with friends occasionally, playing video games, etc. Nothing really out of the ordinary for Alex. So far, he has lived a rather typical life.

    Appearance: He stands at 6’2”, and had medium-short black hair. He has light brown skin with black eyes. He has a solid build, as you can probably tell he does some sort of weight-lifting. He wears dark-blue jeans, with white Puma shoes. He also wears a grey hoodie, that is black on both sleeves. Underneath his hoodie, he wears a fitted red t-shirt.

    His typical Demon-Slaying apparel consists of black jeans, his white pumas, and depending on the weather, he will wear a blue hoodie of it is cold, but if it is on the warmer side he will wear a red t-shirt. He also wears a belt to hold his sword in when he’s out Demon Hunting.

    Weapon: Alex’s typical weapon is a black sword. The handle has a special type of tape which give the holder grip, when slashing and swinging.

    Starting Spell: Thunderbolt
    - Alex shoots a small shockwave/bolt of electricity towards the enemy

    Other: Nothing really



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