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Thread: Roads to Madness: A Survival/Psychological Horror Game

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    Default Roads to Madness: A Survival/Psychological Horror Game

    The Story So Far... (RPG Rated M for Mature; disturbing content, gore, profanity


    The primordial feeling...
    Long has it been needed toward the survival. Fear comes in all forms, but one of the greatest is that of lonliness… No one likes being lonely. Facing those fears alones… It could do something to someone… Especially to a kid. But you must face those fears… Upon turning 13, the number of misfortune you will face the fear of life.

    When one turns 13 in the Western world, it was the beginning of a trial. Where one leaves their innocence and discover themselves as they are changed from the outside and from within. 13... Both good and bad.

    In this case, it was bad.

    One day in Spring, around near the end of school, a boy had his birthday. His 13th birthday. However, it was also his deathday. For you see, you know or knew this boy. At one point or another, you saw this boy on his birthday and deathday. You talked to him. You saw the look in his eyes. It looked like there was something wrong, but you didn't ask. You don’t remember much about him, not even his name. You try to, but perhaps you are uncomfortable remembering so.
    At the end of the day, it was heard that he was killed. Much blood was found and that incident occurred near a cliff.

    No body was ever found and it faded into a scary story.

    Now the years have passed. 7 years have passed...

    How old were you on that day?

    You were all in high school or maybe even in middle school. The point is, you all knew him. Back then, your last talking with him wasn’t good. Maybe he asked you and you said no harshly. Maybe you bullied him. Maybe you let him down when he needed you most.

    Seven years later, now... are you in high school or college or maybe even a graduate. Who knows? You do? You became numb. You became another cog of the large machine of life. You think you have everything set. You are wrong.

    You will be reminded of what terror means. You will be used as examples as to why the world as a gray area is a myth. You will be put to the ultimate test that will show whether you can become a 'hero' or simply descend to madness and become a 'devil'. Who knows? That's what makes it fun.

    You receive a letter, inviting you stay at the large manor build months ago. The letter is black and written in blood-red cursive ink, it says you are invited for a challenge. You will be put to the ultimate test and winner(s) will be awarded $1,000,000.

    You accept because with that kind of money, you would be set for life pretty much.

    You all one way or another make your way to the house, unaware of awaits you. The invitation was sent on the kid’s birthday and the day where this begins would be on Friday the 13th in October and ending on Halloween night.


    Age: (18-25)




    Connection to Him: (How did you know the kid? Were you a classmate of him? In high school, did you interact with him when you saw him exiting middle school?)

    In each of your posts, before the actual content, you need to put a heading consisting of:

    Vitality Points:
    Psyche Points:


    Name: Average Joe
    Vitality Points: 100
    Psyche Points: 90
    Condition: Paranoid- Loses 5 Psyche Points every bit; jumpy

    Vitality Points are how much physical health you have left. Different symptoms occur at certain intervals. When you reach zero, you are dead. You all start at 100. You can be healed through medicine and other medical supplies.

    Psyche Points are how much sanity you have left. Different symptoms occur at certain intervals and origins. When you reach zero, you are deemed a lost cause and your character is captured and becomes a pawn to the evil chessmaster of this foul game. You can be healed through sheer willpower, differing views of sanity, 'brain bleach' and special tokens. You all start at 100. If your character is 'broken,' you will be given instructions on what to do and may be rewarded.

    The ending all depends on your work. You have challenges to survive, clues to find and the ending may be something completely unexpected.

    Best of luck to you all


    DVB- Dexter Glass
    SpyroxPikachu- Benedict Shanker
    SpyroxPikachu- Jordon Shanker
    VampireMace- Mandy Brook
    Alliance- Allison Green
    THEIRONDONUT- Jacob Banks

    Ryker- Nathan Wilkes


    Dexter Glass
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male


    Dexter stands at five foot, 9 inches, a bit pale and a bit thin. He has low cheekbones, a boyish face, a goatee and wears a special pair of glasses that were prescribed to him to protect his sensitive eyes. His hair is red, though it is unsure if it is dyed or not. He has slightly bigger than average eyes, which are an interesting shade of green. His eyes are large enough that they are noticeably larger than average, even by a margin amount.

    Dexter wears a somewhat loose black t-shirt with the image of simple ghost on it. Over it, he wears a black hoodie that says "SURVIVOR." He has on some black cargo pants with a good amount of pockets to carry stuff in if he needs to. He completes this with socks and shoes. He also has bandages around him. Recently he seems to be coming down with a cold, so he's been a cough mask and a scarf. He also has sensitive eyes so he has prescribed special glasses that he wears.

    Personality: Quiet and mysterious, Dexter is a silent enigma of the group. He is highly intelligent and is able to come up with plans and deductions with little time. He does not trust people easily, citing that he has trust issues since childhood. He does have a child-like smile and enjoys goofy things so he is a kid at heart. He can also be cold and cunning. Relying on deadpan snark and observations, he isn't afraid to speak his mind.

    Despite this, he is also someone of short temper. If something upsets him enough, he will usually skip the witty banter and go with physical violence. He occasionally chuckles to himself and has something of a dark sense of humor. When bringing up the boy, he seems to shiver a bit and grow even paler. He does not like talking about it though whether he talks is a matter of opinion. He is the only one of the group to remember his real name, but has no intention of revealing it.

    History: Dexter's biggest interest point is his lack of history. Little is known about him though from what has been gathered by guidance councelors, he was orphaned at a young age, losing his family and younger sibiling. A brilliant if not troubled student, he transfered to middle school literally days before the encounter with the boy. Mastering the art of hiding, he blended in the background before encountering 'him' in the bathroom.

    There was a large argument between them though the specifics over what were never heard. Eventually, days later, the boy was dead and Dexter was transferred out. He did not come back until senior year and while he was a bit more open, he remained mysterious as ever. He ended up going to a university in psychology, wanting to become a psychologist, possibly as atonement for the possible guilt in the argument he had between him and the boy.

    Connection to Him: Had an argument solely between him and the boy in the bathroom near the end ofthe school day.

    OOC: Yes, first time not playing as Diego.
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