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    Default Within Our Crumbling World (Advanceshipping)

    Rated PG-13

    Hello! I'm SailorMikuMoon, but I like to be called Skitty. This is my first shipping fanfiction (I've only written pokemon creepypastas), and even though the intro didn't turn out like I wanted it to, I do hope you like it! My written voice will develop as the story progresses, so the finale will be amazing! This story is available on too, under the same name (same username too!). Without further ado, Within our crumbling world!

    Chapter 1

    Wind rushing over her face, water flowing underneath the ship, a young teenager, May, awaits her arrival to Vermillion Town. She was then to take a small train to Pallet Town. She was going to visit her best friend, Ash, after he finished the Unova Region. She had finished the Sinnoh Region a while ago, and up till then she was staying with her family in the Hoenn Region.

    I wonder if he misses me, May thought. Or maybe he's been to busy to think about me.

    She decided that it was time for dinner once twilight approached. Treading the dining hall, her problems were almost immediately pushed to the darkest corner of her mind.

    After filling about 5 plates sky high, May started chowing down. However, when she saw people staring at her, she sighed. It wasn't the same, wasn't as fun, without Ash.

    After she finished her food and put her dirty plates on the table for cleaning, she went to her room. She took a shower and put on her night clothes.

    Nevertheless, when she tried to turn on the TV, all that came was static. She hadn't used it the whole time on the ship, so why was it acting so wierd? Confused, she called maintenance. They took a look at her TV upon arrival.

    "Well, it looks like the cable went out, girl," A big, burly man with a white beard said. "I wonder why. It's been the same with the TVs of other passengers also. The cable has been out for the duration of the trip."

    "Does that mean I can't watch the news? If you can't fix it?" May asked gently.

    "That's what it looks like. You have no need to worry, though, because the trip ends tomorrow," the kind man said reassuringly. "I'm John by the way. Call me if you need anything."

    "I'm May, nice to meet you.

    And with that, he left.


    At noon, May packed her clothes and such, and went to eat lunch. Too excited about seeing Ash to eat anything more than a half of a turkey sandwich, she quickly finished her breakfast. She figured it might be a good idea to see if John had found out what caused the TV static.

    She asked the captain where John might be, and he pointed her in the direction of the maintenance room.

    May stepped into John's office. It consisted of large desk full of paperwork, a computer, a small TV, and a rolling chair where John sat.

    "Hello?" she said in an sweet, innocent voice.

    "Huh? Oh, why hello May!

    "You seem to have so much work to do here. Why do you have an office in the first place?" May asked, albeit a bit rudely.

    "Why, I'm the maintenance manager! I have to keep the ship and my crew under control," he said, jolly. "Did you need something?"

    "Oh, yes! I was wondering if you figured out what was causing the TV static?" she regained her delicate tone and questioning.

    Be as that may, he frowned. "I'm not sure you could handle such information. You're still so young."

    "But I'm 18. And I'm certain I've been through worse," she reasoned truthfully, thinking of her adventures with a certain, kind, delightful, handsome, fun-

    "Yes, 18 is certainly mature," he muttered sarcastically under his breath. May was still looking at him with hopeful eyes. He knew she was very young, but her eyes showed that she was so much wiser beyond her years.

    Sighing, he spoke up. "Well, we didn't find out what is causing the static, but we have a much bigger, more prominent problem on our hands," He looked up to see her staring down at him with sparkling interest. "The problem is that the ship stopped receiving radio signals from Kanto and Hoenn. We aren't lost, but it's still concerning."

    "I'm sure it's fine. This happens, right? Besides, we'll find and fix the problem when we get there. Don't get yourself down about it!" May smiled encouragingly, although she herself was about to crumble with panic. What are causing the radio signals to go down? Was Ash okay? Would she be able to see him?

    John smiled back. "Yes, you're probably right. Now, if you please, run along. I have quite a bit of work to do."

    "Of course. See ya, John! I hope we meet again after we dock!" She waved at the door, then closed it quietly behind her.


    May walked towards the deck to wait for Kanto to show on the horizon. When she leaned on the rails, however, Kanto seemed to have magically appeared skyline. It was closing the distance between itself and the ship.

    Black plumes of smoke rose to the darkening blue sky. Confused immensely, May checked the map of Kanto on her Pokenav. It didn't seem to exist. In fact, neither did the maps of the other regions.

    She looked back at the dark clouds building up in the sky. First taking a step back, then turning and running back towards John's office.


    "John! Come quick! You have to see Kanto!" May pushed the door open. She went and grabbed his arm and pulled him up out of his seat. "Come on!"

    "What? Okay, okay, calm down, May. I'll go see it." He pulled his arm out of her grasp, and started to walk out the door towards the deck. May quickly followed.

    "See? Kanto is going up in flames! My Pokenav won't show it's map, or the other regions!" May said, panicked. When she looked up to John, he had a hint of fear in his eyes.

    "I-I should go tell the captain," he said, a bit unsteadily. As he turned to walk to the captain's quarter's, the intercom sounded throughout the ship.

    "Attention passengers. When we dock, you are ordered to stay on the ship. Crew members will go out and get fuel so that we may dock somewhere safer. Thank you for your time."

    CLICK, went the intercom after being presumably mounted in it's original place.

    May looked towards the vast expansion of smoke that clouded the sky. She wasn't going to just watch as destruction terrorized Vermillion, and possibly the rest of Kanto.

    "Attention again, passengers. We are about to dock. Remember to stay on the ship and do not leave under any circumstances. Thank you."


    The usually abiding brunette then turned around and walked swiftly to her room. When she got there, she rummaged through her bag until she found the pokeball she was looking for.

    The ship docked and the passengers were ordered to stay inside their rooms. May sneaked out of her room and down the halls. Crew members guarded the front entrance of the ship. Ready for this outcome, she went around to the back and called out her pokemon, Wartortle.

    "Wartortle, I need you to get me to the beach, just a few meters that way," May pointed towards the front of the ship.

    "Wartortle?" he questioned.

    "They aren't letting anyone off the ship. Come on, let's go," she finished. Wartortle trusted his trainer's orders and jumped into the water, with May close behind. She grabbed onto his shell, and with her orders in place, they were off.

    Stepping on the soft, pale beaches of Vermillion, May looked up at the destruction of the city. Despite the crumbling buildings and violent fires, she vowed to find the meaning under this ruination.

    And find Ash.


    How did you like it? I'm really nervous because there are so many great authors on serebii, and I don't think I can compete! I don't know when I'll post the next chapter, possibly in a week or two. I start school again next week, so it might be a bit later. If I may add, if you find a good place to end a...arc? Where the lines are, then please tell me and I'll put it in! If you find any plot holes, I'll do my best to rewrite it so that it makes sense. Anyway, please review if you liked it, or even if you didn't! Constructive criticism encouraged! Also, flame the story, not the ship (some author said it, and I liked how it sounded). Or else you get no cookies.

    And with that, I bid you adieu!

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