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Thread: Do you think Kotetsu should have appeared earlier?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Emperor Empoleon View Post

    Especially when I consider how Trip was handled as a rival. This guy would've been a nicer fit, imo. He's a touch more fun.

    That, and personally I'd be more okay with Ash getting kicked out of the tournament if it's by someone with some buildup. Rather than a another kid who shows up when the League journey is near over...
    Trip seemed more of a main rival look. That's probably why the writers chose Trip's design. It had nothing to do with rather if they knew that they were going to make another rival character 40 episodes down the road.

    Kotetsu seems a bit off. And no, I wasn't okay in how Ash lost to him either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShinyCharyZard View Post
    Honestly, I couldn't have handled the BS that comes with his character, for any longer than we've had to already.. I think I would've had a little breakdown by now..

    But if introducing him earlier would've prevented a lot of the BS, then yeah sure.
    This is what I came to post. Cameron as a whole has been a mess since he was introduced. The worst offense was Road to Humilau where that had to be the worst gym match in BW.
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    (Kingler) Due to their newfound Ghost-typing, Krabby lose their arms in the process of evolution. New spiritual power allows them to make their claws hover around them using some kind of ghostly tether. It is typically found in beaches with very little to no humans. It has a good relationship with Palossand to help each other protect their shared territory.

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    Quote Originally Posted by _Taidow_ View Post
    This is what I came to post. Cameron as a whole has been a mess since he was introduced. The worst offense was Road to Humilau where that had to be the worst gym match in BW.
    Whut....Did you even see Ash vs Cress?

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    Honestly, I could see Ash lose against a pot of cress
    Shokotan: "And then, in Extremespeed Genesect: The Awakening of Mewtwo, we meet another Mewtwo!"
    Yuyama: "Yes, I thought it'd be better if it was a different Mewtwo."
    Good for you Yuyama. Too bad you've singlehandedly torpedoed any lingering respect I and anyone else had for you.

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    In my opinion, yes.

    I strongly dislike Trip's character, he seemed to have a similiar personality to Paul. I actually like Kotetsu, itt would have been a whole lot better if Kotesu was Ash's rival from the beginning and Trip never appeared in the anime.

    But then again, that's just me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by An00bis View Post
    I would've liked him to be in the World Tournament, at least.

    ... he's nothing like Ritchie.

    Ritchie was Ash with a brain.
    Kotetsu is Ash with half his brain.
    Then that would make Kotetsu: Ritchie with half of the brain Ash didn't have? If you take away the dumb factor, then he is a Ritchie..

    And even then, people are complaining about Ash being stupid for sending in basic stage starters into battle.. So did Ritchie: Sparky and Zippo... Spearow and Tentacool were used in his full battle as well.. So that's at least three basic stage pokemon for Ritchie as well..
    Answer to all the bad things in the world: Give up on trying to make everything better. Hence, accepting it for what it is. YOLO! <- Click the link and daw.. -.-

    "If I had my way in DP, Ash would've hit the league with: Pikachu, Ambipom (his to keep), Torterra (Grass/Starter), Lucario (Ace), Chingling (Cute), Bidoof (Water-type) and Heatran (Fire-type)."

        Spoiler:- GenVII Starter names speculation:

    The second line is meant to be sarcastic.. Though there was a random trainer with a Heatran at the Sinnoh League..

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    Isn't this something that could have been said for every league rival?

    Heck Morrisson and Tyson could have been Ash's rivals for all of Hoenn instead of just the league for example.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rovian View Post

    If I remember correctly, Tobias was introduced as a mysterious character. Coming out of nowhere is part of the mystery.
    You know what else is part of the mystery? SOLVING IT! As in learning more about him bit by bit but since he's not a main character or even a recurring character, that'll never happen and we'll never figure him out. At all. The Doctor he is NOT.

    Quote Originally Posted by A.F.M View Post
    Kotetsu logic- "I'm going to sleep underwater with a duvet of cement to keep me warm! Yay!"
    I swear to god, this line made my day so much better. Thanks for the laugh.

    As for league rivals, I felt that they all seem too... convenient to the story. They show up for the league (or very near it), beat Ash and are barely if at all seen again. It just gives off major vibes of a plot device. Yeah, it happens in real life but come on, this is the Pokemon Anime. Things happen when the plot demands it. End of story.
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