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    Default Hi, I'm new!

    Hi guys! I am new here altough I've been following serebii for years.
    I am italian and I am attending the third year of High School. I like pokémon (really???) and other games like some of the mario series and other consolles games like need for speed but i don't play them very often. Obviously i know minecraft very well and I've been playing it for a long time . My favourite subject is math but i really enjoy also physics and science. I am a keen animes(should i use the plural "s" with "anime"?) watcher, my favourite is fairy tail but I've enjoyed also SAO and many other ones.

    I am studying English at school so it is not perfect, not at all XD.

    Don't be afraid of looking unpleasant and tell me if i write in a wrong way (if you wanna ).
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