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    Default Pokemon Fan Fic Game

    This is going to be a fun way to write a collaborative fanfic in the form of a game. Everybody writes one word at a time to form sentances using the other words before it.

    SPPF rules apply
    No Spamming or Trolling
    Must make sense
    No double posting
    Topic must remain on Pokemon
    No talking about ideas for the fanfic, it is purely for fun and things should not be discussed
    Give definition of strange words.

    I will need some people to help keep track of the story, and words that do not fit will be removed and replaced with ones that do.

    You can only post one word at a time. You must wait for two other people to post before you can post yourself.
    Try to make it difficult for the next person but not impossible.
    To end a sentence write fullstop in brackets (fullstop)
    Because there is a minimum word per post thing, just write anything below the word, but keep it related. Make the word you are adding clear.
    Every 1000 posts (or closest) The chapter will end. Good Luck.

    Fan Fic so Far:

    To start off the first word ow the fanfic will be...


    (Annoyed to the point of Aggression)
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