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    Default Surfin' Totodile Trade Shop!

    Welcome to the Surfin' Totodile!
    We have many shinies, all non-event legendaries, and any dex fillers you'll need for gen 4 games here. Owned by Tancar911. Full refunds accepted if anything I trade turns out to be a hack. ALL WILL BE CLONES

    So here are the pokemon, PM me offers/questions about any poke.

        Spoiler:- Shinies:

        Spoiler:- Events:

        Spoiler:- LVL 100s:

        Spoiler:- Legendaries:

    On a side note i have a flawless ditto
        Spoiler:- Wants:

        Spoiler:- Services:

    For all trades giving me shinies, I will give 3 pokemon for every 2!
        Spoiler:- BLACKLIST:
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    My Shop:

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