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Thread: Pokemon 1st gen for 3DS

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    Ok so I've seen the announcement for the re-release of Red, Blue, and Yellow. While watching the announcement videos I noticed that Red and Blue were in black and white. That got me thinking.... were they always in black and white? I raided my old collection of Pokémon games and fired Red up and saw that the game was red and white and not black and white. Anyone have any comments on this? Are they releasing the games on the old game boy platform or am I mixing up the Gameboy color platform?

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    Red and Blue were always in black and white. Yellow was partially optimized for the Game Boy Color; the hardware had a preprogrammed palette that activated when Red or Blue was played and gave those games some semblance of color, but it was more a coat of paint than actual color graphics. The digital Red and Blue will play in complete monochrome, Yellow in its Color-optimized state.

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    Seems like this question has been answered.
    If you have any more questions or thoughts about the VC release of RBY, please use the thread linked in BCVM's post.
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