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Thread: What attracts you to a shipping?

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    Default What attracts you to a shipping?

    As the title of the thread says: what attracts you to a shipping? Is the characters looking cute together enough for you? Does a shipping need valid hints to appeal to you? Or do you mostly like certain "kind of shippings", like a love/hate relationship, a rival x rival shipping, opposites interact, best friends falling in love etc.? Does nostalgia influence your shipping preferences?


    For me personally, there are two criteria a shipping needs to fulfill for me to like it:
    - It needs enough hints, I only support shippings that actually make sense to me, that I think the characters actually have feelings for each other.
    - I need to like a shipping. I don't keep-away ship, I only support shippings I really like,

    Nostalgia doesn't influence this. Sure, I'm a PokeShipper who grew up with the Original Series of the Pokemon anime, but if I would've started with another saga, I'd still be a Misty fan and PokeShipper.

    I don't really categorize shippings. You could say Ash x Misty is a love/hate relationship and a best friends falling in love shipping, Drew x May is a rival x rival shipping, and so is Zoey x Dawn, and I can categorize many more shippings I like. But I'm not going to do that. If I'd have to categorize, I'd say I like shippings from different categories. This is my shipping list:
    - Ash x Misty
    - Brock x Lucy
    - Tracey x Daisy
    - Drew x May
    - Zoey x Dawn
    - Cilan x Iris
    - Ash's Pikachu x Misty's Togetic
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    to me it's mostly cuteness <33
    But some hints would be nice.

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    I don't need hints, even though they make shipping more enjoyable~~
    For me, it's how cute they are together and how they interact ^,^

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    Well when I was younger it was mostly about the hints, but as I got older and realized that Pokemon was no kissing/hugging anime that eventually didn't mean anything to me. I enjoy the couples I like because of their interactions, and if I find them comical is also a big part of me shipping them.

    I really can't bunch in what I support. :/ I multiship but I have one favorite that stands out of those and they are all very different from each other by terms of rival lurv, main character lurv, tsundere, opposites attract etc.

    EDIT: Oh seeing as this is in the Alternative Shipping thread:

    Canon means nothing to me. :P Sometimes I'll love the canon ship, but then there are times I'll outright despise the canon ship. Sometimes I'm fine with it but I'll like a rival ship better. XD But either way I wanna like it for itself and not just because "oh? Because they are together"
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    The shipping thing attracts my interest primarily due to fanfiction and things of that sort.

    In my opinions, the value of nostalgia and the hints aren't factors in me supporting them, and neither does popularity nor how close it is to being canon.

    I support shippings based upon how much I like the characters, how good the characters look together, the interaction, and if it suits the fanfic story I'm writing.

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    The mental images mostly since apparently pokemon and human relationships will never happen on the level I want in the show.

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    For me, it's how the characters look together. It having hints helps too.

    I'm a Pearlshipper and whenever I see a picture of Ash and Dawn together, I always think 'don't they just make the perfect couple or what?' But the hints it had definitely help as well.

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    Mostly my favorite character, I'll ship Ash or Luffy from One Piece with any oneXD
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    It's just how much chemistry is being brought out between the two characters. Or, if I think they would look hot together depending on my tastes. So, I ship it if they're my favorite characters, and how good they look together as well. Lastly, it's just lots of fun when you apply them to AMVS and when you select a song that really matches them.

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    For me, it's just how cute they look together. Hence why I ship N and Hilda/White.

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    Just like real life, i'm looking for that spark
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    What usually attracts me to a shipping is chemistry between two characters. It having hints is definitely a plus but what I normally look for is how well two characters get along.

    I'm sure as most of you know, I'm a Pearlshipper. Ash and Dawn were just made for each other (well, in my opinion, they were), they had such a deep bond. And those high fives they shared. Do I need to say any more?

    None of the other Ash/Main girl ships feel right to me. Pokeshipping had more of a brother/sister relationship (they bickered wayy too much for me to see them as a couple) and Advance was like a student/teacher bond. Negai feels like the BW version of Pokeshipping with how much Iris and Ash argue and how Iris calls him a child (though I don't remember Misty calling Ash a child regularly like Iris does but still) so that just basically leaves Pearl.

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    Huh, good question. I think the factors are:

    - Chemistry. If they have really good chemistry, like they're able to agree on almost everything, they can always make each other laugh and smile, they always help each other out, and so on, it immediately appeals to me. Whatever kind of chemistry it forms, whether it's brother/sister or student/teacher, I'm fine with it, as long as I have that chemistry. Arguing/bickering too much is a no-no.
    - Fluff. I love fluffy and innocent interactions (blushing, getting flustered, etc.), for some reason. I just kinda need to feel that "d'awwwww!" when I see the couple, if you get what I mean. They need to be consistent, too, not just one-time affairs. I don't really like ships where they're making out with each other every single minute of their life.
    - I seem to like most canon ships too, probably because I'm a bit deprived of seeing real romance IRL. Even the ones that made me go "what the hell were the writers thinking I mean they're so unconvincing!" *cough*endouandnatsumifrominazumaeleven*cough*, I warm up to them eventually. The fact that they simply love each other is enough for me.

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    What attracts me to a shipping is The Characters - I'm first attracted to a ship if it has 2 characters I like it. Especially if they're my favorite characters. Also, if I think those 2 characters look good together as well. It depends on how they get along, what Pokemon they have, and the shipping name. I do support some ships that look like a "Family" or "Best Friend" Shipping, but the ones that appeal to me the most are the kinds that are romantic, cute, and sweet :3 Like ContestShipping, NegaiShipping, LagomorphShipping, PearlShipping, and AdvanceShipping.

    Secondly, what attracts me to it, is Their Relationship - I mostly support ones that are like boyfriend/girlfriend, as I'm have a wide array of knowledge in that field. ^////^ XD Like, if they get along like, Brother and Sister, then, I just support it as a "Normal" Ship for me. If they get along sort of like Ash and Dawn, then I can get REALLY into it! XD
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    Hmmm, I usually like seeing two of my favorites characters together, but I have shipped characters that I'm not familiar with before.

    Another thing that really calls my attention is if the characters got an interesting dynamic/relationship going on, I don't really now how to explain this one, like, if they got completely unrelated attitudes, are from opposing teams in a war, or maybe from the same one but are completely indifferent at first, or if one of the characters have really weird habits that the other slowly discovers and tries to adapt to, I dunno, that sort of stuff, I guess I just like watching their relationship unfold.
    Rival shippings are definitely a favorite of mine though.

    As for hints, sometimes it's fun to spot them but I definitely don't care about that (specially after shipping in the Transformers fandom, so many crack pairings I ended up liking from the entire franchise...).

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    For me, it's rivalry and love/hate. Makes everything more spicy and suspenseful. <3

    But yeah, I also love solving puzzles, like hints and everything. ^^ So yeah, I do like that kinda thing. C:

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    ...It just happens. I need to feel chemistry between the characters, but there's no exact formula that'll make me like a ship. I've liked ships where the characters weren't very good, and I've felt nothing for ships where both characters were complex and sympathetic. I tend to like bickering couples, but the bickering has to be just right; otherwise it comes across as snippy and obnoxious.
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    I can't pinpoint anything specific... I do have a soft spot for any pairings with soft spoken or gentle guys in them. I also love lots of heartwarming, warm and fuzzy moments. I usually tend to lean towards ships that have the girl helping the guy somehow, like helping him become more confident or overcome some sort of past trauma. Oh, and while I know it risks me sounding shallow, sometimes seeing a certain piece of fan art will suddenly make me consider a ship I once overlooked. I'll just see the dynamic in the fan art and it clicks. Usually, though, it's hard to really find a trend- a ship usually just clicks in my brain.

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    If it looks cute enough to me, and has lots of good chemistry, I'm all for it.
    Then what turns me off of ships, is chemistry I don't really like at all.

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    Interactions, their relationship, and if it's a crack ship, how cute they'd look.

    Some examples of what I like in certain ships-
    ZaGr (Zim+Gaz from Invader ZIM): Zim doesn't really seem to hate Gaz as much as he hates Dib, and I bet they'd really get along if Dib just went to Saturn with Tak (like in Invader Dib). I mean, they have quite some things in common. Plus, in a couple episodes, Gaz really seems to care for Zim. Like when Dib splashed him in The Wettening and his skin was burning, she looked at Dib like, "Why did you do that??" And if they ever went out, it'd be interesting. Dib wouldn't approve of his worst enemy dating his little sister, and it'd make an awkward relationship between Zim, Gaz, and Dib.

    KrazyShipping (Meowth+Pikachu) Pikachu & Meowth have a very Tom & Jerry-like rivalry, but when the humans are gone, they seem to care for each other.

    RocketShipping (Jessie+James) Ah, a relationship between two childhood best friends. It's so awkward yet so adorable! This is the kind of ship you'd think was canon among watching Pokemon for the first time (that's actually what I thought while watching the second episode).

    It varies for each ship, really.
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    Hmm for me it probably must be the story/description of a character, cite when one character has a story with another character (especially those with story that they meet in childhood) is what makes the people gets to interest and shipped that particular pair.
    Well done and unexpectedly, Kumiko and Shuichi gets together at the end of the novel. Childhood friends are really trends huh

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