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Thread: Dratini?

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    Lightbulb Dratini?

    which dratini i would choose?
    lonely, bashful, naughty,mild,lonely or naive?
    please help..
    I want a Dragonite with Aerial ace, Outrage, Thunderbolt and Agility

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    Well ideally a good Dragonite is either Adamant (Increase Att, decrease Sp Att) or Jolly (Increase Speed, decrease Sp Att). Keep in mind Dragonite's Attack is much better than its special attack, so having moves on it like outrage and thunderbolt aren't the best. [They're special attacks]. If you are really set on having those moves however and making a special attacking Dragonite I would choose Mild to get max Sp Att.. But Dragonite is much better as a physical attacker.

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    For Dragonite I would suggest any nature that lowers Defense (Lonely, Mild, Gentle, Hasty). Why? Because Dragonite got rock as only physical weakness, the other two are dragon and ice, but they're special. As rock isn't very common in this generation, then Defense is such an stat you don't need very much if compared to others. Lonely is indeed the best, as it raises Attack and lowers Defense. Mild is also good, as it raises Special Attack and lowers Defense, but Attack is the highest stat of Dragonite, so you would like to choose it.

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