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    Welcome to Sweet Tea Graphics, specialising in icons. I'm always trying different things with my icons, as I want to keep improving and taking requests is a great way to help me keep doing that! This is my first shop after about a year away from serebii so I hope it goes well. So stop by, say hi, and if you like what you see, request away.

    Please read and take note of the rules. Thank you!


    - All serebii rules apply.
    - One request per person.
    - Provide me with at least TWO images you want in your icon. Just incase I can't work with one of them.
    - A maximum of TWO subjects in an icon. This means only two people, two pokemon, two animals per icon. If you provide me with a picture with a group of about ten subjects in it, your request will be rejected. Less is more when it comes to icons.
    - HIGH QUALITY IMAGES ONLY! This means no pixelated, blurry, grainy images. I will reject a request if the image is too low quality to work with. Plain backgrounds are also prefereable.
    - No fanart images please. The artist may not want their work used elsewhere. It will be rejected if it's fan art.
    - If you want text in your icon please keep it minimal, try not to give me loads to put in. The less amount of text, the better the icon will look.
    - No rushing me please my dears. I do have a crappy job I have to go to unfortunatley.
    -CREDIT please. You may use these icons outside of serebii but you must credit me either on this site or outside of it.


    I want an icon!
    - Images (provide me with TWO!):
    - Style/Mood:
    - Text (optional):
    - Anything else?:


    There's no waiting list at the moment but I will put one in if it becomes needed.

    So request away my dears!

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