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Thread: The Council of Middle-Earth (and Hobbit enthusiasts alike) Club v.1

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    Co-leader: Prof.Oak

    Well, here we are, fellow wanderers of middle earth, and you who have journeyed through the Hobbit, and on through the chronicles of the ring, bring you to the rest in your journey.

    Here it is.

    A haven for your broken dreams and disappointment at the ending of the great trilogy on the big screen. However, you can reassume your LoTR following hearts, and after assuming permission from King Aragorn, Lady Galadriel, The almighty White Wizard Gandalf, Elf Master Elrond, Ringbearer Frodo and Bilbo Baggins, and the surprisingly friendly Gollum (only tried to maim me several times) I have all the permission I need, to create a summons for the avid followers of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, and all Tolkien's Middle-Earth related adventures. However, joining this cause requires a sign-up form to be filled, and sent to Erebore, for confirmation by the king of the lonely mountain, Thorin Oakensheild (Age has always been kind to him)

    But more of that later. Here is what we have to offer YOU as a member:

    :A place to discuss LoTR:

    :Info on the latest LoTR stuff:

    :A place to submit artwork and ideas for LoTR related stuff:

    :Information on where you can find the follow up to Return of The King:

    and much much more!

    also, we have inter-club clans, that we use to group people when hosting club events, like Wi-fi tournaments on pokemon (for those that like LoTR and Pokemon gasp!!!!)
    So that is that sorted, and here is the sign-up form:
    (here are my details as an example)

        Spoiler:- Sign-up Form:

    I will elect clan leaders when I deem someone fit. The clans are interchangable, as people may want to belong to either Orcs, Wizards, Men, Elves, Dwarves or Monsters (which include cave trolls, Nazgul, Gollum, and all the other dark creatures of the land) but I will write down clans in the list below, to confirm.

    Note: Club name usually determines Clan, but I may be able to make one or two alterations to the rule

    Well, I hope you would like to sign-up, as we have a lot to talk about! (The Hobbit, and other new LoTR stuff)


    The Hobbits:
        Spoiler:- members and Leaders:

    The Elves
        Spoiler:- members and Leaders:

    The Dwarves
        Spoiler:- members and Leaders:

    The Men
        Spoiler:- members and Leaders:

    The Wizards
        Spoiler:- members and Leaders:

    The Servants of Sauron
        Spoiler:- members and Leaders:

    1. THEIRONDONUT - Bilbo Baggins
    2. Prof.Oak - Gandalf the White
    3. Dead Advocate - (Gimli?)
    4. Coyote_Dynamo
    ...more numbers will be added with more accepted applicants.

    Well, here we are. I hope you join the club, as we have lots to discuss and legends to be written! Peace guys, Hobbit out xxx
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    Hey guys, please sign up to my RPG The Archetype, we need more members!

        Spoiler:- text:

    I am a proud member of Join the fight.
    Credit goes to Avenger Angel for making the RP's awesome banner. Thanks Bron and Neo for the awesome RP

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