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Thread: Pokemon Trozei

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    Smile Pokemon Trozei

    Well, I was browsing this board and couldn't help but notice there wasn't a thread for my favorite Pokemon spin-off game, Trozei.

    I actually find this game to be a little addicting, and actually kind of difficult. This is probably my favorite puzzle game, as well. I absolutely love the game play, and the BGM is pretty catchy, too.

    So, what do you think of this Pokemon spin-off?

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    I bought the game as one of my first DS games, and I didn't really like it when I first got it. I didn't get how to play it well (because I was younger at the time), and altogether it wasn't very fun. A few years ago I tried playing it again and I loved it. I finally beat the game. I would love to see a sequel for it (though I doubt there'd be one).

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    It's called Link where I live :P

    anyway, it's my second Pokčmon game, after Dash, and I loved it.

    THE BGM is addicting, it's CtuLly challenong, the characters have dialogue and are funny enough...

    Yeah. I just wish Lucy could sequel this, but it seems unlikely.

    Maybe she'll be a trainer in some future game thoguh...

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    Quote Originally Posted by dirkac View Post
    It's called Link where I live :P

    I LOVED the game. I wouldn't put it down. Maybe I'm just weird like that... But I used to play at night trying to find legends. I don't have the game anymore. But I would buy it again.


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