I'm trying something extra here; a set for Doubles.

"Another lowering? Oh Crab!!"

Ability: Adaptability
Item: Leftovers/wiseglasses/focus sash

- Surf/Scald/Crabhammer
- Icy Wind/Blizzard
- Snarl
- Protect/Swagger/Mud Sport

Not exactly sure what spread to add to this gimmicky, mostly as there isn't a correct one. This set turns Crawdaunt in a surprisingly Support type, being able to do some decent damage as well. First slot determines your water move of choice, all boosted by Adaptability. Surf is for pure power, and is suggested when using in tandem with something that drains water or can take it really easy. Scald is when you really hate physical oriented pokémon and want to burn it, or when you want to do the most damage to one target, as Surf spreads his damage. Crabhammer abuses your 120 base attack stat to become a mixed sweeper and to dish out some serious damage to special walls. Icy Wind lowers your opponents speed, meaning your co-pokémon can overcome his faster opponents, and eventually maybe even Crawdaunt itself. Blizzard is for pure power, and is a must when running a Trick Room team. As Crawdaunt isn't really specially equipped when it comes to defenses, Snarl may actually be viable. Being boosted by adaptability, Snarl, come to a 110 base power (STAB calculated in), doing some decent damage, while serving as a Special Intimidate (Smogon states it works just as Icy Wind, but for Special Attack). Your last slot depends on your overall team. Protect because Protect, Swagger can confuse your opponents to troll them even more, and heck, for mono water teams Mud Sport actually becomes viable, as reduced elecitric damage for the rest of the match is pretty damn nice.

In what team to use?

This Crawdaunt can work, but needs some good partners to do it. It needs backup of some sort, in the form of Trick Room, Screens, or both. Doubles is a quite offensive gamestyle, so lowering an opponents attack stats and speed can give you the edge you might just need. However, Crawdaunt isn't a defensive mastermind, so you need to use this at the right place, and right time. When used in Rain, it also becomes pretty strong, with a 180 base power (STAB inc.) Crabhammer.