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    Default l The Hoenn Region Club V2 l

    Hello! Welcome to the Hoenn Region Club! This is a revamp of the previous Hoenn Region Club that went dead due to lack of activity. Here , I hope that this Club dosen't end in the same way.

    Here fans of the Hoenn Region may discuss whatever they like related to Hoenn. Be it of future Remakes of RSE or whatever , as long as it's Hoenn related , fire away!


    ~ Follow all SPPF Rules
    ~ Please try to stay active , I don't want this Club dying so quickly
    ~ If you are going to be inactive here , post in the Club or PM one of the Leaders
    ~ Failure to comply to these Rules results in a Strike.
    ~ If you were a Member of the previous Club and want back in , post here
    ~ You must be a Member to begin posting


    / = 1 strike [Warning]
    // = 2 strikes [Week Ban]
    /// = 3 strikes [Month Ban]
    //// = 4 strikes [Perma Ban]


    ~~~Member List~~~

    ~ Aura Sensai
    ~ dirkac
    ~ Elysian
    ~ Instant..123
    ~ Dragontail
    ~ Espeon EX
    ~ Gothic-Gothorita
    ~ ikrenguy1
    ~ Sceptile Master
    ~ RocketToTheMoon
    ~ IHeartCookiesMunchMunch
    ~ supersmew
    ~ Jacobthepokemonfreak
    ~ LordLucario21
    ~ Epic-Inferno


    ~ Aura Sensai
    ~ dirkac
    ~ Espeon EX

    Leaders will be able to accept Members , give out infractions etc.

    Now looking for two other Leaders to help out when I'm inactive! If you want to be a Leader , let me know!


    None thus far. If you want to propose one , feel free to post here!


    HTML Code:
    [B]Nickname you'd like to be called:[/B]
    [B]Your favorite Hoenn Pokemon?[/B]
    Example :

    Username: Aura Sensai
    Nickname you'd like to be called: Aura
    Your favorite Hoenn Pokemon? Salamence


    [Credits to RXS]

    [Credits to Extroph]


    What do you like most about Hoenn?

    What do you think of all the water in Hoenn?

    Do you like the Hoenn Gym Leaders?

    Would you like to see them remake the Hoenn games?

    What is your current team in R / S / E?

    What would your team be if they remade R / S / E?

    Which starter did you choose in R / S / E?

    What starter do you like most and why?

    If GameFreak remade the Hoenn games, what would you prefer to be done with the differences between R / S and Emerald?

    If a new series with Max as a main character would begin, would you like this idea and what Pokemon would you like him to have?

    Let's say that if they remade R / S / E the E4 and Champion both get roster updates after the first time you beat them. What would you want their team to look like?

    Let's say that if they remade R / S / E the Gym Leaders got roster updates after the first time you beat them.What would you want their teams to look like?

    If you could choose one City / Town in Hoenn to explore,which would it be and why?

    Do you like Groudon or Kyogre and why?

    If you had to choose one place to live in Hoenn , where would it be , and why?

    What was the most difficult team you've ever used in R / S / E?

    Who is your favorite non-playable character in Hoenn?

    Where is your Secret Base in R / S / E?

    What music track from RSE are you the most excited about to hear renewed?

    What is your favorite Pokemon from Hoenn?

    Who is your favorite Gym Leader from Hoenn?

    If you could change around the teams of the Rivals (Brendan / May and Wally) what would you change?

    What was your favourite training spot in Hoenn?

    Who is your favorite Elite Four member in R / S / E and why?

    So what are you waiting for? Let the revamp begin!
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