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Thread: Doing a sapphire monotype challenge: flying! Tips appreciated :)

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    Default Doing a sapphire monotype challenge: flying! Tips appreciated :)

    So I just arrived in Mauville, and my team is as follows:

    Wingull at Lv22
    Swellow at Lv23
    Golbat at Lv23
    Nincada at Lv14 (currently training to evolve)
    Silvoon at Lv5 (I plan on dropping it off at the daycare when I get there! Too impatient to evolve it.)

    The first three easily dispatched Roxanne and Brawly. But I don't have too much strength against upcoming Wattson. Are there any good flying types I can catch by this point who will do well against him? It seems like all the best flying types come later in the game... have I missed nabbing any good earlier ones?
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    Sapphire - Flying Monotype Challenge
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    Swellow - Lv23
    Wingull - Lv22
    Golbat - Lv23
    Nincada - Lv14

    Leaf Green
    - first playthrough
    [4 badges complete]
    Gastly - Lv20
    Electrode - Lv31
    Primeape - Lv30
    Vaporeon - Lv32
    Hypno - Lv31
    Pidgeotto - Lv29

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    You've missed Gyarados.Even though it is 4x weak against Wattson's Electric types,if trained properly it can wreck his team.
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    ~ Aerial Ace
    ~ Return
    ~ Steel Wing
    ~ Quick Attack / Fly

    Use Fly if you need it, or just feel like not needing Quick Attack. The latter actually is quite likely, due to Swellow's high speed.

    I don't believe that you've missed out on any Flying Pokémon.

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