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Thread: What if Pokemon was 3D? (concepts inside)

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    Default What if Pokemon was 3D? (concepts inside)

    Yes we all wish that Pokemon would become 3D, I mean come on, Gamefreak would be the next World of Warcraft except twice the millions of players. This is a goldmine.. I know it, you know it, they know it.

    But in the meantime we can only imagine what a 3D game would look like..

    Realistic? Anime-ish? WOW ish? Crysis like? Or how about my favorite..


    Thats right, the great Legend of Zelda game, Skyward Sword. Ive spent a few hours plunging the internet for how this game could come out graphically, and in the end Skyward Sword was the way to go.

    So I jumped to Photoshop and made my way in, and concepted, and blending and oiled it up. And I present to you some concept ideas.

    Now the idea behind it, is to be a free roaming MMO. Pokemon come, and they go. Some run away from you, some jump out and head into battle, each with their own unique personality. They climb trees, they sleep, they eat, they run, they do everything. And depending on when and where you are, depends on who shows up when and how.

    Ahhh enough with the flooey, discuss with me.

    Ps. Is there a missingno avatar? I want one

    Also I cant [ img ] pictures?
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