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Thread: Zombie experience?

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    Default Zombie experience?

    Maybe I was watching one too many zombie movies or marathons but an odd thought came to me. If you were in an enclosed space, with a bunch of other people and one of them said, "Describe how you turned into a zombie" and started passing around a piece of paper, what would you do/ what would you write down?

    (also note that the person asking the question is a well known celebrity and they sound completely serious as if someone in the group is suspected of being a zombie)

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    I was eating haggis and ate too much of the brain, thus turning me into a zombie-sheep thing.
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    I got bitten by a zombie whilst knee deep in zombie guts, having run out of ammo for both my miniguns. Of course, My back up weapons (akimbo chains saws) were also out of power. I wasn't done taking on 17 zombies with only a rusty spoon and an elmo toy. Then about 50 guys flanked me, but wasn't gonna let that stop me, oh no, a few hand grenades showed them. Finally out of weapons I ran into a group of exactly 92.4 zomibes armed with only my fists and a selection of one liners, to be bitten by the last one as I sucker punched him to death.

    That is the 100% true story of how I became a zombie. In fact im a zombie right now. Also thanks to a well placed camera, the zombie killing olympics first started on that day.
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    Well, one day I died...

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    Playing my 3DS and then BOOM; I was zombified.

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    Ate something that didn't sit right and now.............

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    It was in Nam man, the zombie cornered me and it ate my leg, ahh Nam good memories -_-

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    I woke up restrained in a lab. Then they pumped me full of chemicals. Then I died. Then I ripped out their spines. Then I calmed down and decided to share my experiences here. It was actually all fun and games until I discovered that one guy was my long lost cousin who ate my toy train. Then there was an uncomfortable trip down Memory Lane... I made sure to eat him and THEN kill him. The end.

    I was bitten.
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