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    I may be an American, but I too enjoy a cuppa tea in the afternoon. For those who choose to partake in this old tradition, this thread is for you. Discuss your tea making methods, what you have in your tea and what you enjoy along with your tea. This thread isn't limited to just tea time, please feel free to discuss your love of tea.

    My favorite is black or oolong tea, if I can find it, made usually loose leaf in my little tea cup thing with a pinch of sugar or sweetener and no milk. I sometimes will have a biscotti or a sandwich if I'm really peckish.

    I also have a cup of tea, depending what is in my cabinet, with my breakfast.
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    I always have tea every time I take the pills I've been prescribed, so that would be every morning, afternoon and evening. Plus a few other times. This is pretty much always at the computer. Tea time is relaxing time for me.

    My family does have English roots, though we live in Canada. I have a sister who's pretty much the only non tea drinker in the family.

    I definitely prefer tea to coffee, coffee's too bitter.
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    If my tea you mean a can of NOS, and by afternoon you mean 8 in the morning, then yes I choose to partake in this old tradition on a daily basis.

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    i love tea!
    especially lemongrass tea, and the occasional passion fruit.
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    i drink red roibos tea

    awesome ****

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    "Motherf***ing tea!"

    Ah, I'm a big fan of Asian teas with not too strong of a flavour. Feels refreshing. Going for a walk to the plaza near my house to the Vietnamese restaurant and having some tea before my phở (pronounced "f-uh"" and fried spring-rolls come. Sadly, it's started to warm up and I'm low on cash.
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    Tea is the best!

    I mostly only drink it in the mornings to stay awake instead of going back to sleep. But a cup of tea sometime during the day doesn't hurt haha

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