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    Default Luminous Miracle Request Shop

    Hello and welcome to my art shop! Here I'll be taking graphic requests. Don't be shy and request a thing or two! =]


    ~ Open Status ~

    ~ What Can You Request ~

    + Banners [x] [x] [x]
    + Icons [x] [x] [x]


    ~ Shop Rules ~

    1. Follow all General SPPF Rules and the Fan Art Shop Rules too.
    2. Do not rush me because I have others things going on at the same time.
    3. I have the right to reject a request if it cannot be completed for whatever reason.
    4. Please provide all images because I will not find them for you.
    5. JPEG sprites or bad quality images are highly not recommended.
    6. Always, always give credit to the graphics I made you. You will be automatically banned for not doing so.
    7. I am not accepting requests related to Clans.
    8. You can request a maximum of TWO items.
    9. Please indicate what request you would like.
    10. After your request is completed and posted, you can request another after 24 hours have passed.
    11. I will only take a maximum of 5 requests. After then, any other request posts will be rejected.
    12. Breaking any one of these rules will result in one strike, with the credit rule being an exception.
    13. Once you reach a maximum of 3 strikes, you will be banned permanently from my shop.
    14. Feel free to private message me any questions.


    ~ Request Form ~

    Banner // Icon


    ~ Requests ~
    1. empty


    ~Striked/Banned Members~

    None =O


    Okay, feel free to request now! Thank you for reading. ^^
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