Alright, finally its time to start! But first thing's first, its time for the partner! As I've stated, I'll be playing most NPCs (though of course as they are NPCs so it is possible for you to control him but with limitations), I will have my own character who is basically the partner character, like in the Mystery Dungeon games.

Name: Saber the Axew

Gender: Male

Age: 14 (In human years)

Appearance: Saber looks like a normal Axew, except that he wears a red scarf around his neck given to him by his late mother.

Personality: Saber is an adventurous Pokemon who often puts the well being of others over himself. He's well meaning in most of his attentions, but can occasionally can cause more problems than solve them. This because he sometimes hasty in his actions and acts before he thinks. Although he can be hesitant sometimes, he will stand up to almost anything. Although he won't admit it, he is fairly lonely due to him losing his mother and he doesn't have any true friends.

Saber's ultimate goal is to become a world reknowned explorer and help Pokemon whenever he can. Lucca, the Team Frontier Guildmaster, and his father are his main inspirations and Saber constantly strives to prove himself to them.

History: Saber was born in the town of Frontier. Both of his parents were explorers who met eachother exploring Mt. Magnus. His father, a Charizard named Ignis, was particularly famous explorer as he was a former memeber of Team Firefighters, a team consisting of him, an Infernape, and a Typhlosion. While they were away exploring Saber would be by himself, wishing he was strong enough to go with them.

One day though, while they were exploring together Saber's parents were ambushed and his mother sacrificed herself to save his father's life. Filled with grief over her loss, Ignis retired from being an explorer. Saber however, was more determined than ever to become a explorer to protect innocent Pokemon from danger.

Saber just recently became strong enough to join Team Frontier. Although he just a simple recruit right now, he is hoping to rise in rank sometime soon.

Misc. Info: N/A

I'll post the RP thread shortly.