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    How is that the biggest hint? Take a look at the photo again. By your logic, we should've expected the glasses to be on the ground (or otherwise dropping down the floors of the area) to indicate that the character has in fact lost his glasses. If that was the case, then yes, you'd have a strong point. Except there's a problem, the glasses seemingly gets stuck onto the rope itself, in the same position as the character jumped onto the rope. All this says to me is that it is an early copy of the game where there is a glitch evident. Why would it be silly for a person to have glasses on his head like that? I've seen many people put goggles or sunglasses right on the hat.

    Also, just because "many" games do customization through looking at a mirror doesn't mean that GameFreak is going to use the other game developers' methods. It could very well be the case that Pokemon X and Y introduce customization but through different means (think Skyrim where the character is shown to you and you have the ability to change whatever you want). If anything GameFreak could make it a neat feature where you have something similar to a prop case and there would be selection of clothing available.

    Tbh, it should be plausible at the very least. We still don't have to full information necessary to judge if it exists or not. People who act like it's imperative simply fail to notice that it's a speculation, and that they don't have enough information to conclude either side.
    I said that the glasses are a separate model to the rest of the character. Falling on the ground has nothing to do with it. By my logic, the glasses leaving the character's body means that it is a separate entity that was designed apart from the actual character. In other words it is removable. Please read my post properly before making a reply like that.

    I stated that the mirror could mean a number of things already.
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