Right this is pretty much nothing but I just noticed a few more things:

- Alright, so when Chespin is sent out on the bottom left corner there are TWO Pokeballs instead of 6. Since it is obvious that the trainer has so few Pokemon, it is most likely that Magikarp is found EARLY GAME.

- Fennekin is battling with an ENTIRE ROSTER of 6 Pokemon. Munchlax must be found a little later on the game, but obviously not a gift/trade or too late since Fennekin is still base evo.

- Froakie is kind of middle ground, with a roster of 4 Pokemon battling Pansage. So it might be capturable kinda mid-early, enough after when you get the first few Pokemon but not after the first badge.

So, yeah, just a few interesting things. Nice 2,4,6 pattern anyways.