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Thread: Pokemon X & Y Rules [New rule as of 7th Feb]

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    Default Pokemon X & Y Rules [New rule as of 7th Feb]

    • All standard SPPF rules apply.
    • No spamming! Posts that are short and contribute nothing to discussion will be deleted and possibly infracted. Rumors from 4chan, fake scans and the like are all considered SPAM.
    • And while it should be obvious, this still applies to posts talking about how you can't wait for corocoro to release or asking if corocoro has released
    • Keep your cool! Nobody likes arguments, so if someone posts something you disagree with, it's better to just ignore it. You've got 10 months of waiting to go after all!
    • Thread creation is currently set to mods only. That is, only mods assigned to the section are allowed to post threads in an attempt to lower spam as per previous cases. However you are free to suggest a thread to a mod via PM to be created, if it will carry substantial discussion and is not too broad a topic.
    • Please avoid discussing fanart of Pokemon here, including of yet-unknown evolutions which is unofficial and encourages off-topic posts discussing the fanart alone rather than the thread topic. If you wish to post/discuss fanart there's the Art Section for that, including this thread sticky for art not made by yourself.
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