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Thread: Pokémon X & Y: Worldwide Release

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    Default Pokémon X & Y: Worldwide Release

    It seems that for the first time the games are going to get a release worldwide. Ie in Japan, America, Europe and Australia at the same time instead of being separated. (For those who do not know, currently the date is set for 'October'). Discuss this aspect here!

    All posts, speculation or not, should be constructive and contain ideas, support/elaborate their ideas, and must contribute to the discussions and/or on-going arguments. Also, one-liner posts such as "I agree.", "I want [this] to be in the game!", "This sucks!" will all be considered SPAM, deleted and you will be possibly infracted.

    Let's promote a worthwhile discussion!

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    Well, it will prevent the "I can't get pass this section as I don't speak Japanese and I don't know the difference between Cat and Dog!"

    Well mostly.. I personally think it's been needed for some time. The BW2 release made it clear that we'd eat up the content even if we couldn't understand it.

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