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I haven't commented on Mewnew yet. That's what I'm calling it, Mewnew. I'm sure others are calling it that before me, but I shall be the first to call it Mewnew on Serebi. Until someone post they said it earlier then me...anyway do I think Mewnew will play a factor in XY's manga? Honestly I kind of hope they have it appear in BW2's chapters instead. Why? I would like XY to be it's own thing, but then again we have no idea what the plot of XY is so it's hard to even speculate what is or will happen. I'm not at all excited for Mewnew, honestly, but we'll have to wait and see what the game role is and how the Adventures manga adopts it.

Edit: Wait a minute. Isn't there some kind of cat anime called Mewnew or something?
I think you'er referring to Tokyo Mewmew. Anyway I think I'm going to call it Mewtailhead... because the thing on his head looks like a tail. I am also not very thrilled about Mewtailhead either, but I do wanna know why have they come up with such a Pokemon.
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