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Thread: gen 5 = pure failure?

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    Quote Originally Posted by IMCL85 View Post
    advance last for 4 years before dp, same apply to dp. bw started in 2010 only 2 years and its over, guess nintendo know it fail too. pokemon just too sh!tty in gen 5
    Please stop playing Pokemon. If these games were so horrible, you aren't going to enjoy any future ones.

    Quote Originally Posted by Excitable Boy View Post
    It's more a hardware thing than a "crappy Gen" thing. Pokemon's Pokemon, really; BW/2 were the only games of Gen V because they were released on dying hardware, and releasing more games on the DS is unsustainable, even if it were Gen VI.
    Pokemon has never been about the latest cutting edge graphics. They just didn't see the point in making a huge leap and transition at the time. They saw the less-than-amazing 3ds sales (probably didn't help that the DSi/DSiXL were released within recent memory) and thought "why bother?". I think they were right.

    And in that, they pushed the DS to its limits.

    Quote Originally Posted by DSDark View Post
    The pokemon designs. The fifth generation pokemon are awful on a purely cosmetic aspect.
    Look at this opinion presented as a fact.

    An Ice cream cone and a pile of trash.
    What is inherently wrong with these as concepts for a Pokemon?

    I'll answer that for you: Nothing.

    I don't think I'm the only that would agree if we could shoe horn the fifth out pokemon existence we would in a heartbeat.
    Yes. You and a lot of other people who grew out of Pokemon probably feel that way.

    I personally would have to say that the fifth generation is a mistake Pokemon Company and GameFreak would like to take back if they could.
    And you base that off of...

    the amazing successful sales it has had?

    The widely attended VGC and TCG events?

    A really good anime different than any of the past Pokemon series?

    Zekrom/Reshiram being featured in the Macy's Day Thanksgiving Parade?

    The fact that they released two games to follow up BW instead of one?

    Really, what in the world do you base this on?

    I'm just going to assume most of this thread is more whining and moaning about ice cream cones and trashbags. You people need to gt over it already and go play something else.
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    I love threads like these, because I always see at least one person who implies that the generations are getting progressively worse and still is excited for the next one, despite holding the opinion that the current generation is a "pure failure."

    But for those of you who still think that Gen V was a failure, most of your arguments can be applied to the other generations too, with only a little bit of changing of wording.

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    A shorter gen =/= failure. How do you think Nintendo and Game Freak decide what is a failure or not?

    Answer: game sale figures!

    5th gen had solid figures (records broken with BW too in fact, iirc). Ergo, not a failure. Just a shorter gen to keep it all in the DS generation which lasted a long time in itself, while working on the 3DS game coming up in October over the last 2-3 years.

    Anyways, as this is a whingefest with people already swearing at each other (calm down guys =|) and various discussion-worthy points are already covered by existing threads, I think I'll just close.

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