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Thread: Should the Gen6 Male Protagonist join Ash's group in the next series?

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    Default Should the Gen6 Male Protagonist join Ash's group in the next series?

    Any thoughts?

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    I'd rather he be Ash;s rival tbh. Really like his design he reminds me of Yumachika
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    Nah, I think he should be the rival.
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    I guess it depends on what Gen 6 has to offer. If there are multiple side quest that involve Pokemon battles/growth then sure why not? If not then no. I don't even want him as a rival. The anime can only make certain kinds of rivals and I imagine the rival spot would hurt the boy's image and thus kids won't want to play as him if he's a jerk. And he'll be annoying if he's the "idiotic punching bag" rival. So the rival spot he just can't win. Really the only rivals we get are serious jerks, boring friendly goodie goodies, idiotic punching bags, or serious punching bags. Sometimes we get something different but not always.
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    Please divert all X&Y talk to the stickied thread in Spoilers. Thanks.

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