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    Hello once again Team! Welcome to our official discussion thread, here you may post any sort of questions you may have concerning the rp and it's workings. Don't be shy! I'll totally answer any and all questions.

    Come here to see future mission plans, as well as just a free ground for discussion of the RP.

    xx Spyro

    __________________________________________________ ___________________________

    Sign Up Thread
    RP Thread


    Important Places

    Haunted Mansion (Eterna Forest, Sinnoh Region): Team Freewill Base

    Opelucid City (Unova Region): Main base of Rapture Operations

    States Of The Regions

    Kanto: A husk of what it used to be, hardly any buildings remain and most people have left the area. Signs of the bombing still show.

    Johto: A war ground, a constant war against Team Rapture and other rebellious teams are fought here. It’s also a slave camp for innocent people Team Rapture has taken.

    Hoenn: Flooded. Most cities have become, only a few cities remain that were on higher ground, or ones farther from the water.

    Sinnoh: Abandoned. Team rapture is often patrolling Sinnoh to see if anyone is left amongst the dirt and the rust.

    Unova: All of Unova is Team Rapture’s stronghold. They keep livestock, food, supplies, innocent people, and all the corrupted Pokemon.

    __________________________________________________ _________


    (Posted here like; Name/Codename/Region/Linked Pokemon)

    Bug - River Nash/'Quantum'/Johto Region/Beedrill (ger9119)
    Dark - Kevin Di Rocketto/'Rocket'/Kanto Region/Sableye (Eyepop)
    Dragon - Jutta Flamme/'Brokenwing'/Sinnoh Region/Dragonair (TheSketchQueen)
    Electric - Daniel Olstad/'Maestro'/Unova Region/Eelektross (Xander Kaiser)
    Fighting - Mary Williams/'Aura'/Kanto Region/Lucario (TheSketchQueen)
    Fire - Aiden Bradford/'Char'/Unova Region/Ninetails (TheSketchQueen)
    Flying - Malorie Weaver/'Oswin'/Hoenn Region/Noctowl (SpyroxPikachu)
    Ghost - Jenson Price/'Boo'/Kanto Region/Mismagius (fango pango)
    Grass - Amelia Watson/’Ecanus’/Johto Region/Leafeon (SpyroxPikachu)
    Ground - Autumn Bellum/'Moldwarp'/Sinnoh Region/Glisor (Nightdreamer)
    Ice - Lilith Dian/'Tundra'/Hoenn Region/Dewgong (fango pango)
    Normal - Kendra Park/'Acuity'/Sinnoh Region/Ursaring (ger9119)
    Poison - Conrad Haggus-Wolfe/'Vulture'/Unova Region/Drapion (SpyroxPikachu)
    Psychic - Marguerite “Verisk” Crimson/'Fredrika'/Hoenn Region/Elgyem (Chihaya01)
    Rock - Seth Ambrose/'The Voice'/Kanto Region/Golem (Ger9119)
    Steel - Gage McArthur/'Cowboy'/Hoenn Region/Aggron (ImAnOKIE12)
    Water - Evan Fletcher/'Triton'/Johto Region/Lanturn (OceanicLanturn)
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