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    Okay so hi! I've made galleries of stuff I've made before on Serebii (alas, the threads were all too old to just bump with new content) and I've got some new stuff to share. I'm hastily putting together this thread before I go out to dinner, but I'll fix it up and make it pretty later.

    So what I've got to show off here is a few banners that I've done in this new style I sort of just put together with a set of brushes. I really like this theme, but at the same time they're all more flawed than I'd like them to be. So I'm looking for some serious criticism (preferably from people who know their way around Photoshop enough to be specific). While my ego goes crazy about it, I'm not too interested in people saying stuff like "these are pretty good," or "I don't like that one too much."

    So without further talking your ears off (metaphorically), these are my new style of banners.

        Spoiler:- 500x200 Banners:

        Spoiler:- 500x250 Banners:

        Spoiler:- 520x260 Twitter Headers:

        Spoiler:- 90x90 Avatars:

    Oh, and one more thing! As you can probably tell, I am really awful with text. It doesn't matter how subtle the text is, I can never get it to look good. I've looked at several tutorials on text effects and "minimalistic" text, but I just can't get it. Maybe I just have to get a feel for it eventually, but if anyone has any advice for text, please let me know.
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