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Thread: I started a Let's Play and would love some advice!

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    Default I started a Let's Play and would love some advice!

    So I've been a long time Let's Play lurker, and every time someone good plays a Pokemon game I get pumped because it's a game I know so much about. Well recently a Let's Player named Kevin started a playthrough of FireRed. So I decided it was time to make my own, and have started a playthrough of Leaf Green. Now, I try to make the commentary as fun as possible, and in the later episodes the sound quality improves dramatically, but I'm still working out the visual kinks. Take a look and let me know what you think! I'm open to any criticism and if you have Let's Plays of your own I suggest you share em! Thanks so much!

    A Link to my Channel:
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    Only one bit of Advice:

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