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    Passionate to the point of obsession, Chihaya's hobby of choice is the Japanese poetry card game known as karuta. Much of the world is turned off by her devotion to such an obscure game, but those who get to know her are drawn in by her energy and tendency to wear her heart on her sleeve. Though the members of Chihaya's karuta club may be varied in their personalities and their ways of playing and enjoying the game, they all grow as players, as people and as friends through karuta. Combining the beauty of poetry with the intensity of a lightning-paced card game in a fresh way with each new match, Chihayafuru returns for Chihaya's second year at Mizusawa High!

    It was pretty criminal that the first season didn't have its own thread if you ask me, so I thought I'd get in now with this one. If you didn't already know, I am really hyped for this second season of Chihayafuru, and it starts on Friday! From the poster, it looks like the club will have a couple of new faces this time around, so I'm excited to find out what kind of people they are. And Chihaya looks gorgeous in that hakama, so I hope it turns out to be more than a promotional piece!
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