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Thread: Quad DCE Ampharos/Registeel Deck

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    Post Quad DCE Ampharos/Registeel Deck

    Hello there, here is a deck I have long thought about and now I've finally put it together and added a few perks. I've tried this deck out a few time on PTCGO and had some success yet I haven't yet seen anyone use this deck before especially the way I've gone about it..

    Strategy: The aim of this deck is to get Ampharos in the active ASAP using Emolga's 'call for family' attack to bench Mareep(s), Skyla to search Rare Candy's and Ultra Balls to search out Ampharos. Once Ampharos is in the active it's 'Electromagnetic Wall' ability will cause you're opponent to place 2 damage counters on their Pokemon for each energy they attach to that Pokemon.

    The second part of the strategy is to utilize DCE. For example Ampharos' attack requires 2 colourless and 1 electric energy, when powered up this attack can work nicely with it's ability doing 70 damage to the active and 20 damage to a opponents benched Pokemon, putting them in range for 1 or 2 hit KO early on. This is where Registeel comes into place. Having forced you're opponent to put damage counters on their Pokemon, Registeel (with a 3 colourless energy attack Triple Laser) you can pick off any of those vulnerable bench Pokemon.

    The only real threat/problem I see to this deck is the popular Landorus EX, but this can be avoided by adding a couple of Kyurem from Noble Victories (I think), on the plus side though this deck will face up nicely against the highly rated Blastoise/Keldeo deck that is seeing alot of play but when up against Ampharos, playing unlimited energies isn't all that great.


    • 3 Mareep (DragonsExalted) --
    • 3 Ampharos (DragonsExalted)(Ability:ElectromagneticWall)

    • 2 Registeel EX
    • 2 Emolga (CallForFamily)

    • 2 Mewtwo EX (tech) Or Bouffalant (optional)


    • 4 Skyla
    • 2 Professor Juniper
    • 3 N
    • 3 Cheren

    • 4 Pokemon Catchers
    • 4 Rare Candy’s
    • 4 Switches
    • 2 Energy Search
    • 2 Ultra Balls
    • 2 Max Potions
    • 2 Super Rods
    • 2 Tool Scrappers
    • 2 Energy Retrieval


    • 4 Double Colourless Energy
    • 2 Blend Energy (W/E/M/F)
    • 3 Electric
    • 3 Metal

    All feedback and advice is appreciated as always :]
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