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Thread: Please sign a petition to ensure all Pokemon appear in X and Y.

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    Default Please sign a petition to ensure all Pokemon appear in X and Y. I know clever Nintendo wording when I hear it. Iwata hinted at "some of your favorites". Potentially we could see only a select few older Pokemon in X and Y appear, and only those Nintendo thinks are good. I was around when Ruby and Sapphire first came out, before the rest of the Pokemon were revealed to be in-game, and it wasn't so fun. Many fans were disappointed. Anyway, we need to ensure all 649 Pokemon make it to the next game. This petition will work as a failsafe whether or not it happens to be true and if you don't sign and are aware of this petition, you'll forfeit your right to complain about anything regarding the number of classic Pokemon in X and Y. Also, Serebii admins, it's my dream to get this posted on the front page.

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    No Pokemon game has ever had every single Pokemon available for capture in it. Why in the world would they start now?
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    No. I hate it when people do this, it never even comes true no matter how many people sign it. Nintendo'll never see it anyway.

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    Wow, this is front page material (sarcasm not trying to sound like a douche). But anyway I like the challenge of having all of the Pokemon in the game. and since I try and get both games, it gives me a bit more of an incentive.
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    Please sign this petition to have healing items return in XY.

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    I'm 100% positive that it would take an extreme amount of work to do that, with the total amount coming to at least 750 with X and Y.
    Plus, the limitations encourage me to keep my oldies and to trade.
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    What front page? Like of the daily Serebii newspaper...or do you mean the default Forum page?

    All Pokemon will be in this game. You'll just have to trade between X and Y and then import from older generations. But yes, all Pokemon will be "in" it.

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    I don't see much point in keeping this open, tbh. Petitions like this will not work (any such petitions just gen generic email responses back if that, and the developers in Japan will hardly take notice of a few signatures anyways. Plus fitting in what would be over 700 Pokemon into the game pre-E4 (assuming it has one) would be just bad design, and the game will have all pokemon available in it one way or another beyond the main story I'm sure.

    So closed.

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