Okay beat Candice now on my way to last gym and elite four they will get a little stronger after fighting the last of team galactic.

My team is:
Infernape (Blaze Nature) lv.42
-Close Combat
-Flame Wheel
-Mach Punch
-Fire Blast I was wondering if I should teach it flamethrower instead.

Gastrodon (Adamant Nature) lv.36
-Water Pulse
-Body Slam

Staraptor (Gentle Nature) lv.38
-Close Combat
-Aerial Ace
-Take Down

Luxray (Hasty Nature) lv.40
-Shock Wave

Budew (Adamant Nature) lv.36
-Stun Spore
-Mega Drain
-Grass Knot
Been wondering if I should replace it with Abomasnow or wait for it to evolve. Or Switch with a eeveelution.

Ponyta (Timid Nature) lv.37
-Take Down
-Fire Spin

I have a Riolu egg about to hatch, so I was wondering if I should use it.