Although thrpe League was bad written for several reasons, I expect the outcome of these worse that what really happened.
As expected Lucario wins against Pikachu with an Aura Sphere. But I saw things that I like of the episode:
-Virgil defested Cameron without using his 6th pokemon and with one more pokemkon remaining. Cameron was hit by his own medicine.
-Virgil win the league. Interesting because Ash hasn't left Unova yet and because if they adapt the game story the Champions league will take a part in Episode N.
-Lucario is still out of his pokeball after evolving. If Lucario was put in a pokeball will be weird. Although that wonder me what happens when Axew evolves.

And they put the standard TBC at the end like always. The writers have learnt the lesson to not put the New adventure tag outside of new series.