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    Quote Originally Posted by _Taidow_ View Post
    Seeing Cameron beat Ash was a disappointment but seeing Virgil also only use 5 vs Cameron was great. Nice "payback." I expected Virgil to win ever since he was introduced and was surprised at Dino and Ramone's lineup. It's sad when the rival battles were more interesting than Ash's battles (exception being vs Stephan). Virgil was pretty cool and I hope he returns occasionally. Loved seeing Espeon, Flareon and Eevee. Trump Card was cool.
    I feel different about this... I mean this was the Unova league, shouldn't someone who actually used Unova Pokemon win the league... that alone is poor representation and what's worst is that it implies in itself that Gens 1-4 are clearly superior. Then Virgil doesn't even stick around long enough for anything and isn't even a full time trainer, how is that a league champion?

    Quote Originally Posted by gohan5 View Post
    I don't think that the anime staff is "lazy" necessarily, but rather that we're feeling the effects of a 3 year series now. A DP pace was never possible for this series and it probably could have seen the benefits from a little less rushing. But the games keep coming now, faster than ever before, and the anime is showing that.
    Except we've got 8 whole months left before the Gen 6 games hit the market... pretty sure 4 of those months could have been used wisely to prepare for the league and make it longer. No way this N arc can go on for 8 months, but with little to do outside of that, I don't know what they have planned.
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