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Wow just WoW.

IGN is just IGN itself. But all of us should know that they don't usually count the experience as a way to rate game.

From what I see in their rating process, it has to do with the average consumer than the dedicated consumer in most cases. Though they could review it for hardcore ones, most of the time, they experience they rate in the game is oftentimes the teenagers and adults for it's rare that a reviewer even cares for a rookie (newcomer in video games)

Keep in mind that they always have a motive that says "First glimpses are the elements that tell everything in entertainment." for many times, this is true. But I believe the reviewers of IGN just ignored looking at the deeper aspects for not every video game has its true core represented in the start .. it could be in the middle or the end.

Just for now, I'm on the fence on buying this game this time (gates to infinity) ever since I'm watching Marriland's PMD walkthrough. But I can't help but also get it before the end of April since I can get a free code to download Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask.

For me, the story is redeeming .. but for now, I might give this game a pass away and wait for X and Y.

Grammar lesson:
might = less likely
may = more likely
The fact that they fail to mention companion mode and DLC is just insulting, too