(Wifi/PO/Showdown/etc) Name/FC: [PCS] Noel
Why do you want to join? Feel like it and totally looks like a potential-filled clan.
Division you wish to join most? Revolt, I guess. :0
Any special positions you wish to be in? Art/tradeshops/tutors: Uuuhhhmmmm...I like making teams a lot and a lot of people come to me for it, so if anything, in case someone needs a team made and doesnt wanna get wrack their brain too much. I'd be happy to lend them one! I usually only do OU, UU tho. But i'll expand if it comes to it! >:0
Rate yourself as a battler (1-10): 7 but I don't battle as often cause stuff...
Time Zone: GMT
Referer (if any):