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    (Wifi/PO/Showdown/etc) Name/FC:Alby
    Why do you want to join? was in MR, went afk due to personal reasons, found out it merged
    Division you wish to join most?any,
    Any special positions you wish to be in? Art/tradeshops/tutors: aqy
    Rate yourself as a battler (1-10): 9.0 ranked no 1 on PO couple times in bw1 and 5th in bw2 Your rank in Wifi OU is 19/20720 [1459 points / 141 battles]! my current rank
    Time Zone:not sure
    Referer (if any): Aenea
    I go wherever Aenea goes, *****s a leader to the core, we came off 2 successful stints...a 14-1 war record with shadows arena n and an 8-3 with MR...think i would be a valuable asset
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