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Thread: Looking for a Female Starly/Staravia for 5th generation!

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    Wink Looking for a Female Starly/Staravia for 5th generation!

    It's Cueva27 and I am looking for a Female Starly or Staravia, any nature would be great! This is my very first Thread. Nature I would actually prefer anything that raises attack,or speed. I would not like a attack lowering or speed lowering nature. Speed would be great!
    My future team would be:
    Scrafty or lucario advice??
    Staraptor hopefully

    My Friend Code is 3010-7094-6050
    I apologize for this,but I only have 3 badges, so my team isn't big (only 2 pokemon). So all i could offer are a couple pokemon. But I am great at DW Pokemon and i have a couple.

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    Sorry but this doesn't belong here , try the trading forum

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