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    Quote Originally Posted by Asrialys View Post
    If anyone's utterly confused...

    As much as I didn't want to, I removed the source of this translation of the novel, as if might be considered "illegal content" and thus against the forum's rules.


    Well, that... tries to explain things.

    I'm giving this an actual watch now. The high-saturation, high-brightness colors early on in the first episode make this a little less than pleasant to look at. The OP being signaled by a line to the effect of "That new anime's coming on"? Meta as ****. Not sure if I like it. Sasami's older brother covering his face all the time is amusing. I'm imagining him as Faust now, which pretty much means that not watching this is gonna be hard, but actually focusing correctly is gonna be a pain in the neck.

    This series is not on drugs. This series is drugs.

    e: Watching the second episode... this seems way more put together. I don't like Sasami herself all that much, though.
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