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Yeah, I'm waiting on all the newer consoles (And by that: I don't have a Wii U yet XD/ I don't plan on buying any Xbox or PS consoles that come out in the next few years until I find a game I really want.)

I mean, there are games I want to play on the Wii U, but I'm waiting for a Zelda or KH title before I leap into that money pit.
But yes, I do hope this goes multi console, but not console exclusives, that would just frustrate me XD
Considering how broad Kingdom hearts demographic is, it would make a lot of sense for it to go on all consoles available at the time of KH3 release. I mean, they obviously don't have an exclusivity contract with Sony, so why bother? And I doubt it would be THAT hard to make the game for all the consoles. Especially since the WiiU has a higher graphical capability. And just imagine the cool stuff they could do with the Gamepad. They could even bring the Shotlocks (is that the name? Kinda forgot...) back!