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Thread: [MTG] Shock Wave, and discussion on a fake card set.

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    Default [MTG] Shock Wave, and discussion on a fake card set.

    Design is fairly simple. Compare Whipflare

    Shock Wave 1RR
    Sorcery {U}
    Shock Wave deals 2 damage to target player and each creature he or she controls.


    That aside, some community set ideas. (I didn't think it would be acceptable to not post a card. If this doesn't work, let me know.) I know that some folks are still into this, even if we don't do it for the Cockatrice league. We need two big things here -- flavor and mechanics. Flavor I'm not going to put much here on and just ask for what people like -- I think that's way wider than the mechanical discussion. For the existing mechanics, look at these links: (1) (2) (3) -- feel free to submit any proposals here. If you want to use new mechanics, submit those, as well.

    I can't guarantee, for obvious reasons, that all mechanics will make it to the final set. For instance, we're NOT going to have both undying and persist in the same set, and we are really not likely to run any -1/-1 and any +1/+1 mechanics in the same set. In general, it's very confusing, and as much fun as it might sound, we're probably not going to just design Time Spiral 2.0 or "like Commander, but with booster packs!"

    Anyone have any opinions here?

    edit: From the main MTG thread on flavor:

    Quote Originally Posted by palingensia View Post
    a ghost world sounds like a cool place to base a set, and that way we could have some good old colourless thrown in!
    Colorless is really weird to run as a theme/mechanic, since it's mostly associated with the Eldrazi (and artifacts, of course -- different types of colorless, or something?), but there's also Ghostfire and similar stuff. For reference, here's everything with "ghost" in its name that currently exists pre-GTC. (Copying this to the other thread.)

    So, opinions on running this as a -1/-1 counter based set at the very least? Multicolor possibilities? I'm interested in the idea of slipping in Ghostly Flame and/or Bloodied Ghost, plus possibly Ghostfire and a cycle based around that.
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