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Thread: Hey to all & I hope to meet & talk to new friends I have stuff in common with(I'm new

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    Default Hey to all & I hope to meet & talk to new friends I have stuff in common with(I'm new

    Hey everyone , wow I haven't been on a website in so long lol XD. But I wanted to enter a site where one has somethin' in common with someone else . I hope long introductions are annoying I just want to talk about who I am since I am new (I think I'm posting on tha right part of fourms yeah lol?)

    Jeez lol, where do i start? I am 23 & have been a fan of Pokemon since they first came out in tha states in 98 & have been a fan since even through tha sterotypes "You're too old to be playing Pokemon!" I say "Pokemon like any other show I like is not meant for ANY age & I like it a lot too since it brings back a lot of good memories when I was a kid lol" & still a fan of both tha games anime & manga

    About myself, I am VERY kind to those who are kind to me . I treat others how they treat me I'm usually an open-minded person about a lot of things like "Arceus is my favorite Pokemon (me talking)" but someone says "Kyogre is their favorite" that's fine by me lol we all have different opinions & one needs to respect that if it's not offensive.

    I am also very confident in myself & can be very talkative sometimes & even be silly sometimes I hope to meet a lot of new friends on this fourm & I will be on as much as I can (which is probably daily lol) & hope people accept me with an open mind .

    I guess that's about it lol feel free to talk to me anytime have a great day night morning everyone

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    Welcome to SPPf!
    If you need help then just ask (:
    Enjoy your time here!

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    g'day wecome to the site happy to have you here you need anything you can just ask

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    In the tub, sweetie :3


    "I'm new"

    So, welcome! I find it annoying how people say that Pokemon is for kids as well, it makes me want to punch them.

    Hope you have a nice life... on the forums, I mean. Ofc in real life as well. Ummm...

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    Hello and welcome to the forums! I'm new here myself!

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