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Thread: New but not brand new but really old in a sense too

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    Default New but not brand new but really old in a sense too

    Yes, if you were wondering the title was meant to confusify and brain-fry you. As was that fake word (and....well I don't know what to call that other thing) I just used :P But it is true, I've been actively on this forum since I joined about a day ago, which isn't brand new but I'm new, although in reality (though I'm sure a ton of people are like this), I've actually been using for my absolute no doubt #1 pokemon reference place for the past 5-6 years or so. Yet I never joined the forum....I know, it is a little crazy. I actually didn't even really know about the forum until I started being directed to it from google searches (yes, the VERY rare times that serebii couldn't answer my pokemon questions...but now that I'm on this forum that will NEVER be the case again ha ha ha ha).

    Anyway, pokemon is my life and soul. is the greatest creature ever, and I'm not just saying that because he is the mascot and most poplular pokemon. I really love him the most (of all pokemon, I'm not still referring to that.....slight.....exaggeration I made :P), possibly since I like totally bonded with him as the first pokemon I trained in the first pokemon video game I ever played, yellow version. Speaking of that first experience, I'll share that before I learned about struggle, I got very worried and frustrated when I was stuck in a battle in viridian forest with a trainer's metapod, and pikachu was out of pp for thundershock, it's only damaging move. I honestly did not know how to get out of that situation without loosing my data since my last save, and it was like my bedtime (I was 5) and I was telling my mom I didn't know what to do....ah, I was such a noob (and again, 5). Eventually we called my friend to ask what to do, and he knew about struggle.

    And if I had to guess I would say that the metapod probably got to struggle first, having only one partially depleted move left (pikachu had tail whip and thunderwave). Not that I remember, or it really matters. Except to pikachu who's friendship would have been lowered. Which I hate more than most people. But anyway....

    I have played and beaten (meaning played past the leauge until it got boring...well actually no that just goes for each set of releases), every game except silver, crystal, and pearl. But yeah, clearly every game release pair (or single). My favorite region is johto, I really like them all pretty close to the same. For me personally, I try to never double up on types in my main team (or in current party, but never more than 3-4 trained pokemon of a type post game). That usually includes dual types, but sometimes I'll make an exception for one of a dual type (if both are dual) to be repeated. And I do regularly, if not almost exclusively (pretty much was exclusively until gen 5) use my story team for anything I do post-ending, including battles with other people. But that doesn't work so well with most people on wifi, trust me I know that bitterly now....but I wont get into my conflicting thoughts on EV training/IV calculating here.

    My top six favorite pokemon (and I will include pikachu again don't try to stop me :P) are . I also love (hey you know has anyone ever said "bulbasaur is the best pokemon because it's #1".....that is like the best corny joke ever and people who say that should get a cookie or something) and SOOO much too! And a ton of other pokemon I think are stupendous too, but that would be way too long (no duh :P).

    So, um, yeah....that's me!!!!!! Hope to be extremely active and involved, when I can, here!!!!!!!!! for the (ultimate, unquestioned, adorable and epic) WIN!!! :-)
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    My 3DS Friend Code is 0576 3520 6954. I have both sun and moon version, and my sun version has my well trained and semi-competitive pokemon.

    I have played and beaten all of the main series pokemon games at some point except for Silver, Crystal and Pearl versions, though the only ones I still have now are Sun, Moon, OR, AS, X, Black 2, Plat, FR and Emerald. I also have a virtual console yellow version. I also love XD Gale of Darkness.


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    Welcome to Serebii, that is probably the longest intro post I have seen.
    If you need help just ask.
    Enjoy your time~

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    Extremely long introduction is extremely long...
    haha besides that...

    Welcome to SPPF! I hope you have alot of fun here, and you also learn to enjoy yourself very much. Peace!

    Ninja'd! =p
    I believe in Fairys Do you?

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    Hello and welcome to the forums! Feel free to send me a PM/VM if you have any questions! See ya around!
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    Welcome to sppf!

    If you need any help or just want a friend feel free to ask me.


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