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    Hey I need help and everything where and where not ro post, The staff tell me Im posting in the wrong place. But Im posting in the newbie lounge. What the heck do they mean? Instead they should give me examples where to post but I can't find any!
    - QwilfishBoss

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    QwilfishBoss, the newbie lounge is really just a place for 1) New members to introduce themselves and other people to greet and welcome them and 2) for asking for help with I think the site in general (it says it underneath the forum names in the main forum page). Also, not to be rude (talking to the staff by that, not you qwilfish), but while some staff do care to help you as much as they can, others (who may not see or care to note the difference between a member making a mistake or being lazy with where they post) just want to get to the point and fix the problem you "caused" without getting much into it. How about pm'ng me the kind of things you were trying to post and I'll tell you where you should go to post them, ok? :-)
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