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Thread: The fate of the Team Rocket Trio!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pokemaniac24 View Post
    But that's the problem. If Zager and Giovanni died, they'd probably leave the show. They'd definitely stop being TR members (they even said so on the twitter page). And if they are going to not be TR members, I'd rather they leave. Jessie doing contests and James getting Gym Badges will be so frustrating. They entered the show as TR members and that's how I want them to leave.
    I don't want them to die, but I want to comment that maybe somehow if they did.... the writers may make TR turn over a new leaf, which might be fun to see. It doesn't mean to things like other trainers. They can still be goofy heroes who fail at everything, y'know. But we know that won't happen, only in fiction.

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    I think they'll return. I mean, they are so popular & as a business decision that would be good. I mostly like when Team Rocket is serious. that's my preference though .

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    Well Team Rocket turning a new leaf would be a good new start for TRio's next XY saga if something were to happen to the Team Rocket corp, is there any blogs or twitter accounts the Pokémon writers have? I'm just waay too focused on Team Rocket ever since BW.
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    I hope they leave, but I'm not holding my breath.
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    Please divert all XY questions and things to the stickied XY thread. We know very little, and multiple threads aren't needed.

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